About us

With AEVOR comes a new brand to the market whose bags and backpacks feature not only stylish designs, but are also tops in practicality!

The flexible products are aimed at young people with an active lifestyle who need a sidekick for their daily journey through the job-, college-, emoji-, friendship-universe.

All of the AEVOR products are real space marvels. With their expansion function they´re able to increase their volume with two simple moves. That gives you the freedom to always have all the necessities...assuming they all fit and you remember to pack them.


Recycling is a key pillar of our sustainability strategy and serves to minimize our impact on the environment when manufacturing our products. We use fabrics with a recycled PET bottle content of 50%.

PET recycling has double the benefits: less waste is produced and fewer natural resources are needed to produce a finished backpack. The manufacturing pro- cess is also gentle on natural resources as water consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced. This significantly reduces the amount of unavoidable environmental pollution.